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Client Project, Responsive Layout Design, Frontend Development — 8 mos, 2015

eStore UI for 3D Printing Website

i.materialise is an online 3d printing service, community, and marketplace. This platform allows customers and small entrepreneurs to design, print, and sell unique jewelry, decor elements, gadgets, and prototypes of their creative projects.

In 2008, i.materialise essentially reworked the e-commerce section to refresh UI design, launch mobile layouts, fix usability issues, and improve performance by translating static pages into angular-based single-page components.

At the time, I was the only Frontend Developer on the team.
My responsibilities included creating responsive layouts and developing page-level components markup.

Pet Project, UI Design & Development — 2 weeks, 2020 (work-in-progress)

Error Pages Design Manual

This website was created from scratch as a student project at Mission College. The website's subject reflects the area that I am passionate about—usability improvements through UX design for edge cases.

I poured my soul, time, and skills into sharing my knowledge, thoughts, and experience with design geeks like me.

Concept Project, UI Design & Development — 2 weeks, 2020

Ernest Hemingway Memorial Museum

As part of the Web Design specialization course at Mission College, I was asked to design website layouts and then write code to turn them into responsive web pages.

The website is a memorial museum designed to introduce a handpicked collection of Hemingway's most prominent writings and tell his dramatic life story.

Landing Page for Art Exhibition
Volunteer Project, Graphic and UI Design, Development — 3 weeks, 2019

Landing Page for Art Exhibition

As an Associate Art Director at a local non-profit (FACTR Footprints Guild), I worked in an international team on organizing an art exhibition for the 12th Annual Beacon of Light Awards Ceremony at Campbell Community Center.

Working with the artists and FACTR team, I created the brand identity, promo materials, and a landing page for FACTR's website.

The landing was designed to introduce the featured artists and provide the event details. We used the webpage to promote the event through social media and as an artists digital portal during the event.

Client Project, UX/UI and Visual Design, Web Development — 2021

WordPress: Nonprofit Website

As part of the Graphic Design specialization course 8 designers from Mission College worked on a rebranding project for a local non-profit that provides an afterschool program for youth students.

Mission's student team delivered to the Client new brand assets (new logo, color palette, typography, full style guide, and a business card design), promo flyers, web banners for the program website and social media accounts, and mockups for website redesign. (In terms of individual contributions, I designed banners for the website and created mockups for the key landing pages.)

Afterward, working with the founder independently, I designed new donation gathering features, reworked the information architecture, and created responsive WordPress layouts for the whole website.

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Client Project, UI and Graphic Design, Web Development — 2021

Grapedrop: Landing Page

As a Graphic Designer Intern at the Mission College marketing team, I was asked to create digital assets for a college-wide education campaign on Women History Month. (In particular, I designed web banners for the social media posts and created the landing page from scratch.)

Also, the marketing team asked me to conduct technical research and suggest an inexpensive and easy-to-use webpage builder. Based on search criteria, I advised trying the open-source solution from Grapedrop. Thus it was a pilot Grapedrop project.

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Client Project, UX Research & Design, WordPress Development — 6 mos, 2016

WordPress: Corporate Blog

The i.materialise's blog was in need of some love. The full redesign was not in scope, so I was working with what was there and gave it a facelift, fixed usability issues, and improved performance.

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Client Project, UI Design, Web Development — 6 weeks, 2015

DokuWiki: API Documentation

To reduce dev efforts, I was asked to create initial designs and launch a wiki-based website for i.materialise API documentation. I independently worked on this project from start to end.

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